Works With

Amazon Alexa

Enhance your space with ELA and enjoy the comforts of control with Alexa! This skill is compatible with and requires connection to the Lumenari ELA Smart Hub.

With the ELA Skill, you'll be able to interact with your ELA Smart Lighting devices with Alexa's voice control. Features include grouping your lights, dimming your lights, define rooms, and many more.

"Alexa, set theater to 20 percent"

"Alexa, make office lights warmer"


With IFTTT (If This Then That), you can connect your ELA smart lights to apps and devices you love to use everyday.

Connect ELA to your favourite apps such as Facebook, Google Services, and set convenient automation applets.

Convenient Geofencing

"If you enter an area, then turn on lights"

Extra Peace of Mind

"If motion is detected, then flash lights continuously"

Automation for Comfort

"If temperature drops below 20 degrees, then set colour temperature to warm"

A Little Reminder Never Hurts

"If a new email was received, then turn lights blue"

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