Our Story

It all sprouted from two individuals who grew up with the same passion, on separate sides of the country. 

Both individuals came from farming communities, and graduated from two of the largest voices in Canada, for horticulture research. These being, The University of Guelph and The University of British Columbia.

One studied Electrical Engineering, the other studied Marketing.

A mutual friend brought them together, and it was at this point, they shared their passion for clean energy with one another.

After becoming "besties" (that's the mainstream term right?)

There were a few other qualities that they shared. They loved the idea of producing a technology that could provide them with convenience, as well as, the ability to create a unique style for their home.

They both considered themselves "techies" but also shared an admiration for interior design. They then wondered what they could accomplish if they "put their heads together".

(This isn't us..)

Though regardless, we wanted to provide our customers with free design advice in hopes of informing and inspiring a new era of design, using light.

We merely crafted a reliable tool for professional and interior design enthusiasts. 

The fact that controllable LEDs are energy efficient, is an added bonus.

Readers Thoughts:

But wait, what does this have to do with horticulture? Why did you mention your university backgrounds and say you have a passion for clean energy?

Our Reply:

Nothing gets by you! Thank you for the insightful question. You are clearly wise beyond your year's, dearest customer, or potential customer.

There is a reason, and it all began like any other 2-course meal.

With the main portion of "understanding that farming is about to change", with a side of "the passion of wanting to be a part of it!" 

4 years later, we crafted Lumenari, it means "New Idea" in Italian, fancy right?! 

Our passion for the ELA and Lumenari brand stems from wanting to promote clean technology.

Most importantly, our vision is to be the lighting suppliers that help bring the farm to the city.

Completing this task will not only reduce food prices but it will also result in the reduction of harmful emissions.

We created this brand to be a vehicle for change. That is why every ELA Smart Light sold, will help fund our passion to complete this vision.

To keep up with our progress, we encourage you to visit our horticulture website

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Our Mission:

To provide our customers with practical lighting products, features and useful advice, in the world of IoT

Our Vision:

To pioneer and become a leader, in home & office IoT lighting solutions on the West Coast and eventually North America

Brand Promise:

To promote clean energy and provide value in the form of free advice for automation and lighting design

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