Amazon Echo

Enhance your space with ELA and enjoy the comforts of voice control, with Alexa!

With the ELA Skill, you'll be able to interact with your ELA Smart Lighting devices with Alexa's voice control. Features include grouping your lights, dimming your lights, define rooms, and many more. See the skills below to get started!

Alexa Setup Instructions

Simple Setup

Dim & Brighten

"Hey Alexa, Dim the lights to 20%"

Play with diming by specifying the percentage

Color Temperature

"Alexa, make the living room warmer"

Specify whether you feel like lounging in warm light or working under a cool light

Change Color

"Hey Alexa, make the family room purple"

"Alexa, turn the lights green"

No matter the color, Alexa has your creativity covered

Turn Lights On & Off

"Alexa turn off my bedroom lights"

Did your energy bill go down? you bet it did!

Enjoy the versatility and practicality of Alexa

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