Party Lighting Ideas

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Party Lighting Ideas (and how you can achieve it with ELA)

Who doesn’t like a party? Fun, food, friends, family, and other words that don’t necessarily begin with the letter “f.” Festive? Fantastic? How about  fabulous? Yes, there’s a lot that goes into planning the perfect party. However, when was the last time you thought about your lights?

Ambiance is important to making any event a success. So, how do you plan on lighting up your next event? Consider these ideas:

A Smart Candle

Everyone loves the ambiance and sophistication of candlelight. However, this is 2018. Not everyone has a box of candles laying around. Add to that, you’ve got to store them, deal with wax, etc.and all of a sudden candles might be more trouble than they’re worth.

With smart lights by ELA, however, you’re never more than a few seconds away from turning your normal light bulbs into a softly shimmering candle.

smart led lighting solutions

In the “mood settings” section of your smart lighting ELA app, select the lights you’d like to apply your changes to. Then, select the “candle light” mood and watch your bulbs softly glow and shimmer like real candles! Best part? No wax cleanup.

The “Candle Light” mood is great for a romantic dinner or a small, intimate gathering of friends. An elegant dinner party is never complete without the soft glow of warm candlelight. And it’s only a few button clicks away with ELA.

Starry Night

Another great party setting is the “Star Light” mood. Whereas the Candle Light setting is a soft, warm, shimmering light; the “Star Light” setting is a cooler temperature and more closely approximates a “twinkling” star.

Try this mood for an outdoor party or to approximate the great outdoors inside. Twinkle twinkle little star, a great light setting is never far!

smart LED lighting solutions

Color Theme!

Your current lights have two settings: on or off. How boring is that? What if we want to spice things up a bit? Your party has a distinct personality and your lighting scheme should reflect that. Especially with regard to adding a little colour into the mix!

Thankfully, with a Smart Chroma bulb from ELA, the full spectrum of the color pallete is at your disposal.

Bringing a little colour to your party has never been easier. Simply drag the magnifier across the colour spectrum and watch your select bulbs change colour. With 16 million colours to experiment with, you can theme your party in style. Experiment with different shades, colours, and intensities. You can even upload your own photos and match your bulb colours to make it truly unique.

Once you party in style, you’ll never go back to the old “on or off” ways again!

Experiment On Your Own

The ELA App contains a number of pre-set moods to help you experiment. You can also create your own and develop the perfect settings for your next event. The design center of the ELA app also allows you to adjust individual lights or group them together. Experiment with colour, intensity, or temperature until you get things just right!


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