7 of the Coolest Smart Lighting Design Ideas

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Smart lighting design gives you options aside from automatic and timed controls. In fact, your design capabilities are practically endless and can be used in several spaces of the home. Take a look at some of the coolest smart lighting designs around that we found, and get inspired for ideas and designs in your own ideas!


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Blue Lagoon

This intensely euphoric space with tons of blue smart lighting makes an oasis after dark. Adding a fire on water element warms the space further and gives it a magical appearance. Whether relaxing by the pool on a quiet evening or throwing a huge party with tons of friends and family, the scene is set and ready to go.


lumenari smart lighting smart LED lighting solutions


Industrial Chic

This idea can easily be applied to both a commercial and residential space, depending on the height of your ceilings. By exposing the cords and having the fixtures hang from the ceiling this way, it creates visual appeal. But you can also adjust the heights where needed to illuminate key areas. By using a LED smart lighting system in this application, you have even more control.


lumenari smart lighting smart LED lighting solutions


Mood Lighting

Adding an LED smart lighting design to your living room or entertainment room allows you to configure mood lighting. Here, you’ve got a setup that can make for a romantic evening or just a quiet night watching a movie. You can even simulate a theater with the dim blues overhead and a white light on the floor to simulate aisle lighting.


lumenari smart lighting smart LED lighting solutions


Study Style

A quiet amber or muted orange lighting design can really make for an enjoyable office or study space. Calming and cooling, the combination of colors can help in focus and concentration, and if you get a little too comfortable and rested, you can brighten the space easily with the touch of a button or even a voice command.


lumenari smart lighting smart LED lighting solutions


Open Concept

This LED smart lighting design really brings out the contemporary beauty of an open concept space, with all its bright white elements and all its sharp angles. It accents certain areas for conversation pieces and can be dimmed for a cooler, inviting space as the night grows long.


lumenari smart lighting smart LED lighting solutions


Kitchen Creations

If you like the way dining and kitchen areas look on television, try smart lighting to create a mood even in this workspace. Certain lantern style lights highlight the areas of work, while others can change to relax you to enjoy the meal. Based on your cuisine and the type of reaction you want, include different LED colors.


smart LED lighting solutions


Blue Moon Beach House

Smart lighting can help you bring a certain natural element into the home even when it’s not available outside. Here, you get the impression of a moonlit night at the beach, with the full moon shining into the space, never even having to pay for the joy of actually living on the beach. Use the same setup to create a tropical scene during the day.


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