Lighting Ideas for a Romantic Evening

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Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or just an opportunity to spend some quality time together, the setting of a romantic dinner does 70% of the work. The other 30% is just good food. There is nothing that says “romance” better than a good setup, with dim lights that will set the mood for both of you. So, if you’re planning your next romantic evening, but you need some ideas on how to put light to good use, here are some of our suggestions.


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To some, candles at a romantic dinner are a cliché. To others, they are the perfect light source to set the tone for romance. The only problem with candles is that they need to be supervised at all times. We wouldn’t want the curtains to catch fire while you’re enjoying a glass of red wine. If you’re planning an outside romantic dinner, here’s an idea that will prevent wind from blowing out the candles: just place each candle inside a mason jar (without closing the lid) and you’re good to go. If you want to bring things up a notch, consider painting the jars in different colors, for a cooler effect.


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Christmas Lights

One of the most heartwarming feelings in the world is looking at the colorful Christmas lights that decorate your tree on a cold winter evening. Bad news is we can only celebrate Christmas once per year. But the good news is, we can hang Christmas lights in and outside the house any time we please. To make your dinner setting even more romantic, you can hang Christmas lights from the branches of a tree, if you have a yard with the given logistics.


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Nowadays, the term “lanterns” spark the images of hanging Chinese lanterns in our mind. But at their origin, lanterns were actually protective enclosures for either candles or oil-soaked wicks, which were generally used outdoors, to avoid wind or draft from blowing off the light. It doesn’t really matter which type of lantern you choose for your romantic evening, as both of them have a way of setting up the mood.


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LED Smart Lightbulbs

Installing LED smart light bulbs basically means you will have a romantic light setting for the rest of your life without ever having to worry about hanging up lights or lighting up candles. LED smart lighting is basically an internet-capable bulb which can be controlled via a remote app installed on your smartphone. You can easily control the light settings, just as the intensity, the color spectrum, and you can even schedule the lights to automatically turn on or off. There are 2 main reasons why LED smart lighting makes for a romantic setting. First, you can opt for light color that sets the tone to “sexy”, like red. Second, you can dim the lights or turn them off while holding the hands of your beloved. You won’t even have to leave his or her arms, since it can all be done with a single tap of your smartphone.


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