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Posted by Jack Zhang on

Lighting Ideas for a Romantic Evening

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or just an opportunity to spend some quality time together, the setting of a romantic dinner does 70% of the work. The other 30% is just good food. There is nothing that says “romance” better than a good setup, with dim lights that will set the mood for both of you. So, if you’re planning your next romantic evening, but you need some ideas on how to put light to good use, here are some of our suggestions.


lumenari romantic light design



To some, candles at a romantic dinner are a cliché. To others, they are the perfect light source to set the tone for romance. The only problem with candles is that they need to be supervised at all times. We wouldn’t want the curtains to catch fire while you’re enjoying a glass of red wine. If you’re planning an outside romantic dinner, here’s an idea that will prevent wind from blowing out the candles: just place each candle inside a mason jar (without closing the lid) and you’re good to go. If you want to bring things up a notch, consider painting the jars in different colors, for a cooler effect.


lumenari romantic light design


Christmas Lights

One of the most heartwarming feelings in the world is looking at the colorful Christmas lights that decorate your tree on a cold winter evening. Bad news is we can only celebrate Christmas once per year. But the good news is, we can hang Christmas lights in and outside the house any time we please. To make your dinner setting even more romantic, you can hang Christmas lights from the branches of a tree, if you have a yard with the given logistics.


romantic light design



Nowadays, the term “lanterns” spark the images of hanging Chinese lanterns in our mind. But at their origin, lanterns were actually protective enclosures for either candles or oil-soaked wicks, which were generally used outdoors, to avoid wind or draft from blowing off the light. It doesn’t really matter which type of lantern you choose for your romantic evening, as both of them have a way of setting up the mood.


romantic light design

LED Smart Lightbulbs

Installing LED smart light bulbs basically means you will have a romantic light setting for the rest of your life without ever having to worry about hanging up lights or lighting up candles. LED smart lighting is basically an internet-capable bulb which can be controlled via a remote app installed on your smartphone. You can easily control the light settings, just as the intensity, the color spectrum, and you can even schedule the lights to automatically turn on or off. There are 2 main reasons why LED smart lighting makes for a romantic setting. First, you can opt for light color that sets the tone to “sexy”, like red. Second, you can dim the lights or turn them off while holding the hands of your beloved. You won’t even have to leave his or her arms, since it can all be done with a single tap of your smartphone.

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7 of the Coolest Smart Lighting Design Ideas

Smart lighting design gives you options aside from automatic and timed controls. In fact, your design capabilities are practically endless and can be used in several spaces of the home. Take a look at some of the coolest smart lighting designs around that we found, and get inspired for ideas and designs in your own ideas!


lumenari smart lighting


Blue Lagoon

This intensely euphoric space with tons of blue smart lighting makes an oasis after dark. Adding a fire on water element warms the space further and gives it a magical appearance. Whether relaxing by the pool on a quiet evening or throwing a huge party with tons of friends and family, the scene is set and ready to go.


lumenari smart lighting


Industrial Chic

This idea can easily be applied to both a commercial and residential space, depending on the height of your ceilings. By exposing the cords and having the fixtures hang from the ceiling this way, it creates visual appeal. But you can also adjust the heights where needed to illuminate key areas. BY using smart lighting in this application, you have even more control.


lumenari smart lighting


Mood Lighting

Adding a smart lighting design to your living room or entertainment room allows you to configure mood lighting. Here, you’ve got a setup that can make for a romantic evening or just a quiet night watching a movie. You can even simulate a theater with the dim blues overhead and a white light on the floor to simulate aisle lighting.


lumenari smart lighting


Study Style

A quiet amber or muted orange lighting design can really make for an enjoyable office or study space. Calming and cooling, the combination of colors can help in focus and concentration, and if you get a little too comfortable and rested, you can brighten the space easily with the touch of a button or even a voice command.


lumenari smart lighting


Open Concept

This smart lighting design really brings out the contemporary beauty of an open concept space, with all its bright white elements and all its sharp angles. It accents certain areas for conversation pieces and can be dimmed for a cooler, inviting space as the night grows long.


lumenari smart lighting


Kitchen Creations

If you like the way dining and kitchen areas look on television, try smart lighting to create a mood even in this workspace. Certain lantern style lights highlight the areas of work, while others can change to relax you to enjoy the meal. Based on your cuisine and the type of reaction you want, include different LED colors.


lumenari smart lighting


Blue Moon Beach House

Smart lighting can help you bring a certain natural element into the home even when it’s not available outside. Here, you get the impression of a moonlit night at the beach, with the full moon shining into the space, never even having to pay for the joy of actually living on the beach. Use the same setup to create a tropical scene during the day.

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Where Can You Use Smart Lighting?


Smart homes are becoming more and more popular, as home owners are looking to minimize their costs, while maximizing the comfort provided by their homes through the evolution of technology. That is precisely what smart lighting is looking to achieve: a combination between saving money on electricity bills while allowing you, the home owner, to control the light, intensity, color and brightness of your light bulb via one simple phone app. Phillips used to be the major player of this niche, but other brands are now manufacturing products that make for some serious competition. If you’d like smart lighting to make its way into your daily routine, here are some ideas of where you can use it.


Inside Your Home

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, went on a short trip to the bathroom, but forgot to turn the light off while you were heading back to bed? How often have you craved for a midnight snack, but by the time you reached the kitchen to turn the light on, you bumped your toes in about 3 different obstacles? With smart lighting, you won’t need to worry about facing the obstacle course before you can reach the light switch. And these aren’t the only benefits: you can literally adjust the brightness and intensity of your living room light without having to put that good book aside and get off the couch.




There are about a million reasons why smart lighting is a great thing to have in your yard. You return home in the evening/at night, but you feel spooked that it’s pitch dark outside and you have to make it from the car all the way inside the house. You hear a noise and figure out it’s probably those nasty raccoons that are poking your trash cans again. Or you’re away on holiday and you want to make it look like there’s somebody at home in the evening. Smart lighting helps with all that. Not to mention that choosing lights in different colors can make for regular outdoor decorations. Just think about how cool your next barbecue will be.



At the Office

When you spend most of your day caught up at the office, different light settings will prove useful in different situation. Working on the computer with a light turned on is better for the eyes (it’s always good to have an extra source of light besides the one coming from your screen). When you’re in a meeting, the light intensity in the conference room should be higher. When you’re sitting at your desk, working on paperwork, it should be somewhere in between the other two we just mentioned. Just think about how easy it is to control it all with just an app.


There is basically no limit to where you can have smart lighting. While your grandparents would probably find no use for an intelligent lighting system, you certainly can. That’s because the number of activities that we have to perform every single day require different light intensity. And maybe, just maybe, because we’re sometimes too lazy to get up and turn on the lights.   

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ELA: What The Reviews Are Saying

Let’s be honest for a moment. We can sit here all day and talk about how ELA offers a more affordable path to smart lighting and smart home technology than other options. We can point out all the cool features, the ease of access, and highlight many of the benefits of your ELA system.

We can do all that but the truth is: you’d expect us to. We love our products and want to share them with the world. However, what matters more than our opinion is what our customers are saying. To that end, we wanted to share some real reviews from real people who have real thoughts to share on their ELA experience.

Ease of Use

Curating the feedback we’ve received from our customers across various platforms, one of the things we are proudest of is how easy your ELA lights are to set-up and control.

From our friends at Canadian Home Trends:

“The system is so simple to install. Simply replace your existing bulbs with the ELA Smart Hub and Smart Bulbs or Chroma Bulbs and you’re ready to go.” - Editor’s Favorites, Winter 2017 Edition, Canadian Home Trends


One of the largest barriers to smart home technology for consumers is the often real though sometimes perceived high cost of entry. Thankfully, the ELA system can change your perception of smart lighting solutions without breaking the bank.

As Colleen from Vancouver notes on Best Buy:

“Bought the hub and a few regular bulbs for my husband and I must say they are gorgeous... very good price too.” -


One thing that everyone wants to know when purchasing a new product is how useful it is. Does the product do what I expected? Does it deliver the value I was hoping for when I made the decision to purchase it?

We strive to deliver a product that customers will love. Because at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about. We’re thrilled that many of our customers feel the same way!

“Fantastic device! Loved this! Arrived quickly and works perfectly!” - Cody from Vancouver, BC on

“This is one of the best smart bulbs I have found, suits the needs of quite a few of my clients, and works well with Alexa, and surprisingly well just with the company's own app.” - Charles H. on

“Quite happy with them overall.” - Leonard Bond,

Bottom Line

We strive to deliver a fantastic product to our customers. One that is easy to use, affordable, and delivers the best value our customers expect. We also are proud to be a gateway to the smart home market for many customers who might otherwise be hesitant about jumping on the trend.

When all is said and done, we welcome the feedback and reviews provided by customers, technology insiders, and more. When others speak: we listen and strive to improve our product and service to deliver on our promise to our customers.

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The Key to Flawless Makeup is All in the Lighting

The application of makeup can be a strenuous process. As a model, learning the fundamentals of makeup have been imperative from the start; though only through trial and error did I manage to understand that flawless application heavily depends on the lighting we use! After many years of said trial and error...

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