Why Smart Lighting is Great in the Evening

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When it comes to conserving energy, there is no end to the list of ways you can cut costs and use fewer resources. In fact, automation is a key factor, both in the workplace and now at home, that will assist you in this endeavor. At the same time, your efforts should reward you in other ways, including making life more convenient and even brightening your mood overall.

Smart lighting can do all of this and more, especially in the evening. Consider that smart lighting can be fully automated, add a certain ambiance after the sun goes down, and even play a role in entertainment, especially in the evening.


smart LED lighting solutions

How Smart Lighting Works

Smart lighting can be programmed a number of ways, including based on an occupancy sensor (detection of motion), photosensing (based on amount of ambient lighting), and automated scheduling. In fact, many smart lighting systems use a combination of these things to function in order to save you the most energy and provide the best possible experience.

One of the nicest things about having smart lighting in the evening in relation to these particular benefits is that you can utilize the geofencing option provided by the system, using an app that works in conjunction with Google maps. What that means is that, if you’ve forgotten to turn off the lights before leaving or don’t want to walk to your car in the dark, you can leave the lights burning. Then, when you exceed a certain distance in radius to your home, they will automatically shut off. Then, upon your return to the ‘fenced’ area, they will automatically come back on so you’re never in the dark.


smart LED lighting solutions

Cloud Control

In the past, people have incorporated an automatic on/off control when they’re out of town to make it appear as though someone is home, operating the lights, for security purposes. But the regular schedule can be sussed out (think about Home Alone).

By contrast, smart lighting allows you to tap into a cloud, where you can control the state of your lighting remotely. So, while you’re on vacation, you can create random patterns of changing lights for a more realistic ‘occupancy’ appearance. This can create even greater peace of mind so you can better enjoy your travels.


smart LED lighting solutions

Color Combinations

Another great thing about smart lighting is that you aren’t stuck with a plain white light scenario. You can choose from a variety of colors, impacting your physiological state. For example, on nights when you’re entertaining outdoors and want everyone alert, you can utilize cooler colors that help people stay focused and high energy. On quiet nights when you need relaxation, you can implement warmer tones.

A combination of colors can really make an ambient stage for any evening. Consider using warm blues with off whites to help soften the look while still brightly illuminating the area. You could also work with a warm yellow, accented with a darker blue, which can be separated for warm and cool color needs or used in conjunction to gently keep people relaxed but focused.


smart LED lighting solutions

Smart Lighting Works

With the way you can save money and add convenience to your life, as well as these other incredible benefits, there’s no reason you shouldn’t start looking into smart lighting in your home, especially in the evening. The investment is small in comparison to the savings, and the bulbs are inexpensive to replace and extremely durable and long lasting. With smart lighting, you can really achieve a great atmosphere with little effort in your home.


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