Smart Lighting Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever

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Your smart lights may have a lot more to offer than you think. Lighting up your room will always be their primary function, however they are capable of so doing so much more. Simply put, this isn’t your dad’s light bulb. This is current year.

Check out all these amazing things you can do with your smart lights that will change your life, and the way you think about lights, forever!

Improve Your Sleep Schedule

With ELA’s bio-clock feature, you can fine tune your lights to the natural day/night cycle of the sun. This helps regulate your body’s circadian rhythm and get your body on a more natural sleep cycle.

Why is this important? In the modern world, we’ve created so much artificial light that we’re often out of synch with our schedules! Get back on track using your smart lights!

sleep schedule Led smart lights

Pair It Up!

Lights that respond to voice commands are no longer a Star Trek style dream. Now you can take a step towards the final frontier by integrating your smart light network with a number of home smart tech assistants.

With supported integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, your smart lights can do even more. Speak your commands, turn your lights on, off, or adjust them to your preference. Group rooms together, and more!

Simply tell Alexa or Google Assistant what you want to do and you’re good to go!

amazon alexa smart led lights

Cloud Control

With cloud control, you can operate your lights from anywhere in the world as long as you’re connected to the internet. On vacation and want to see if you left the lights on? No longer do you have to spend the rest of your trip wondering if the electric bill is going up. Simply login, check, change, and then hit the beach!

led smart lights app cloud control


Geofencing capabilities mean your lights respond to your movement into and out of the designated area. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your lights turn off when you leave the house or turn on as you approach? With geofencing, it’s no longer a dream.

Color It Up!

Your old light bulbs just can’t compete with the multi-function capabilities of smart lights. Perhaps nowhere is this more obvious than with the full array of colors available with your smart lights.

smart led lights chroma bulb

But these are hardly a string of Christmas lights. The ELA Smart Chroma Bulb has 16 million available color shades, spanning the full array of the color pallet. Whatever shade the situation calls for, you’re covered. Reds, blues, greens, and more.

Plus, with ELA’s Design Center, if you find a color you love, you can upload a photo of it and match your Chroma bulbs to that particular shade. The sky (and the color spectrum) is the limit!

Change Your Bulb. Change Your Life

Smart lights are not only changing the world of lighting. They’re making our world more convenient and livable. Whether you’ve already got a bevy of smart lights adorning your home or have been thinking about taking the plunge; smart lights offer a world of benefits that extend far beyond just lighting up the room!


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