Make A Smart Choice For Your Next Lighting Solution

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Smart lighting is all the rage. And while this trend is growing, it hasn’t reached peak adoption just yet. As home automation and IoT technology continues to evolve, that will change. Newer homes are being built with smart lighting and other smart home solutions.

However, for those a little wary about jumping into the smart home revolution, smart lighting is a great way to dip your toe in the water and get started.

What Is Smart Lighting?

The term “smart lighting” is something of a catch-all term. Broadly, it refers to lights that are built for energy efficiency as well as convenience. These lights are typically capable of changing their brightness based on certain conditions, or as controlled by a smart app or other control system.

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How Are They Efficient?

The ability to control your lighting with ease, often from anywhere with a mobile app, can make your smart lighting system far more efficient than traditional lighting. By setting specific conditions you can also control the amount of light (and energy) being used to light your space.

Enhanced Security

With traditional lighting you have two main options: on and off. With smart LED lighting systems, the sky's the limit. For example, let’s say you’re going on vacation. No one wants to leave and return to a dark home. With smart lighting you can adjust the time and intensity of your lights. Leave them off during the day and on at night to give the appearance that the home isn’t empty.

Even if you aren’t leaving town for the night, you can set your lights to a reasonable level while you’re out. With geofencing features, you can even have your lights turn on as you pull into your driveway!

Can You Save Money?

It’s true that smart lighting will require a higher up-front cost than traditional lighting. However, after the initial setup, smart lighting solutions last far longer than your normal lighting solutions.

For example, a typical incandescent light bulb may last between 1,000 and 2,000 hours depending on use. Roughly, a month and a half to two months of continuous use.  

A smart bulb, such as the Lettin Chroma Bulb, has a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours. That’s almost THREE YEARS of continuous use.

Now ask yourself, how often do you forget to turn the lights off when you leave the room or house? It’s okay, we all do it. No judgement here! With smart lighting solutions, you don’t even have to remember. Geofencing features can be set up to automatically turn your lights off or on when entering and exiting.

Many other conditions can be set to ensure you’re running the most efficient lighting plan on the block. As smart lighting technology continues to evolve, bulbs will only become more efficient and longer lasting.

Make a Smart Decision

When it comes time to redo your lighting, consider a smart lighting solution. Not only is it sleek, modern, and effective; the benefits are endless. Comfort, security, and efficiency are just three of the main reasons why your next smart LED lighting solution should be a smart lighting solution. Make a smart choice.

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