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You know the drill.


It’s 7 AM. You’re startled out of a deep, peaceful slumber by the piercing sound of your alarm. You’re already annoyed (with your heart beating out of your chest) and now it’s time to get up, turn on the lights (which are somehow brighter than the sun) and fumble through the morning still half asleep. By the end of it, you’ve gone from feeling mildly irritated to fully enraged.


Don’t know the feeling? Well, here’s some simple math:


Obnoxious alarm + sight depriving light = very unhappy start to the day.


smart LED lighting solutions


It goes without saying that mornings like those are no fun at all, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Maybe you can’t do anything about the early mornings themselves, but the experience can be transformed. I can tell you – cutting out all those unpleasant triggers in the first moments upon awakening can make all the difference between a drab morning and an energizing one. Imagine a morning without any distressing commotion, a morning that is highly anticipated and full of inspiration.


smart LED lighting solutions

Does this seem achievable?

I can tell you that it is, and I have the solution for you.

smart LED lighting solutions

The answer is ELA Smart Lighting – the most convenient tool for unlocking the type of morning that isn’t an oxymoron. It’s an automated lighting system where each bulb is connected to your phone via WiFi. All the controls are easily accessible through one device!


ELA presents you with a variety of customizable options, such as:

  • Choosing the brightness of morning lights (with millions of colors to choose from!)
  • Choosing when the lights turn on
  • Choosing when to get out of bed! ;)


With just a tap of your smartphone, mornings can be taken from disheartening to empowering. All those early morning nuisances are eradicated with one simple installation; resulting in a permanent and blissful beginning to each new day. 


All the smart lights are connected and controlled through your phone, making it easy to use and helpful at eliminating all that unnecessary early morning stress. Plus, it’s simple; If you can set the alarm on your phone, you can set the light timer in the ELA app. Now, it's just a matter of waking up to experience the ever elusive "good morning".


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