5 of the Coolest Smart Devices to Stylize Your Unique Space

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In an age of artificial intelligence, smart devices are everywhere, and you can choose from a number of interesting options to change the look and feel of your space. Getting into the future of technology is about more than convenience. It’s about style and opportunity and creating a unique space. Take a look at the top 5 gadgets you can opt for that will change your life, adding comfort and stylized design to your home or office.

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Smart Lighting

Did you know that programmable lighting is about more than just a schedule? You can actually buy smart lighting systems that respond to light, dimming when there’s more sun available, as well as even using a GPS-like signal to automatically turn lights on and off when you enter or leave a certain vicinity of your home. Even better, you can have ‘mood’ lighting that not only dims for romance and brightens for parties but even changes shades to match a mood or create one. Most smart lighting uses LED technology that burns cool and is energy efficient, and with photocells, programming, and adjust-ability to certain circumstances, you’ll find that they are convenient and attractive. Use them inside or outside your home to build a fascinating environment.

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Smart Windows

Window dressings are essential to style, but they can also assist in adding a smart technology to your space without compromising design. Smart blinds and drapes open and close based on everything from scheduling and voice demand to light sensing. Choose from gorgeous design options, including a variety of fabrics and materials, as well as color and pattern choices, so that your advanced gadgets also blend with your other design elements for a seamless appeal.

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Bluetooth Smart

With wireless signal and Bluetooth devices, you can clean up a lot of unsightly jumble by negating tons of wires that negate the sleek design of your space. Especially in the office, this can give you the high tech, minimalistic look you desire. Connect a wireless mouse and keyboard to your all-in-one PC-monitor to avoid the clutter, and use smaller modems hidden away in a corner with higher power Wi-Fi to connect your entire home office, including printers and other devices. With the addition of a Smart TV, you can even cast certain apps from your phone or computer to the larger television screen with no other ugly wires or clutter. What an advancement in design!

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Smart Art

Forget buying all new décor for your walls and tables. Instead, you can change your artwork with the click of a button, allowing you to change the entire look and feel of the space to fit your mood and new style. Smart art literally allows you to hang a framed device, similar to a monitor, with storage that can hold tens of thousands of images for a seemingly endless design capacity. Never get bored with your artwork. And, if you want to hang the Mona Lisa in your home, so be it!


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All-In-One Security, Thermostat, and Detection

Part of a cohesive design in a space for beautification is minimizing the eyesores. Gone are the days when you have a security panel by the door, a thermostat in one or more places throughout the house, and a separate device on the wall or ceiling to detect gas leaks. Instead, you can place one device on a single wall in your home that is so small you’ll barely even notice it. This device can track temperature, control your security system, and even warn of leaks. Best of all, it can send updates instantly straight to your phone so you never have to worry about what’s going on when you’re not at home.

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Smart Style

With innovations constantly updating the world we live in, you don’t have to give up style to be modern and technologically advanced. You can actually incorporate style through your smart devices and have a comfortable, appealing home that is also convenient and up to date in ways that save you time, money, and struggle.


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