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Posted by Jack Zhang on

How to Bridge The ELA Hub To Your Wi-Fi Router (And Why You Want To)

When first setting up your ELA Hub, you will need to connect your phone to the ELA network being broadcast by the Hub. Once completed, you can also bridge your ELA Hub to your own home Wi-Fi.

The question, of course, is why would you want to do this? Bridging the Hub to your own Wi-Fi allows you to control your lights from the ELA App while connected to your home Wi-Fi. This means you will not have to connect to the ELA network in order to control your lights. At the same time, this step enables the Wi-Fi booster function, one of ELA’s flagship features.

By boosting your Wi-Fi signal, you increase the strength of your home or office network throughout your space. So, if you can stream video just fine in the living room while having trouble getting Hulu in the bedroom; you’re in luck. ELA’s Wi-Fi booster enhances your signal strength and creates a stronger, more powerful network for your browsing, streaming, and other internet activities.

How To Get Started

Getting started is easy. Simply open the ELA app and go to the “Settings” section at the bottom. Select “Wi-Fi Setting.”

Select “Network Configuration.”

At this point, you’ll want to select the Wi-Fi network you wish to bridge to your smart hub. This will be your home or office network, or whichever network you are frequently connected to. Select this network.

You will be prompted to enter your Wi-Fi password.

Select “Remember Password.”

And that’s it! If successful, your ELA Smart Hub will flash for 30 seconds. Now you can control your Smart Hub while connected to your home Wi-Fi. If it was not successful, the app will indicate this. Repeat the above steps and try again.

The true benefit of having a smart light system, or any smart home system for that matter, is ease of use. By bridging the ELA hub to your home or office network, the power of your entire ELA system is literally at your fingertips. All you need is a smartphone, an ELA hub, and a home Wi-Fi network.

Bridging your connection is a great way to control your lights without having to connect to the ELA Wi-Fi. However, if you want to take full advantage of the Wi-Fi boosting function, you will need to connect back to the ELA network after it has been bridged.

Control your lights from the couch, from bed, or wherever you please. Once your connection is bridged, you’re good to go.

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Posted by Jack Zhang on

ELA Setup: It’s Just That Easy

“Smart lights? Sounds intimidating.” That’s the response you hear from a lot of people. The truth is that the technology can sound intimidating. Many people who would otherwise be interested in taking the plunge into smart tech are hesitant. It sounds too complicated. Too difficult. Too complex.

After all, a century of simply switching the light on and off has us well-trained for the basic operation. I mean, what could be easier, right? It’s true that any smart lighting solution will require a little additional setup. However, you may be surprised at just how easy it is.

Whether you have your bulbs in hand or are eagerly awaiting their arrival: let’s take a brief walk down the setup lane and show you just how close you are to the best, most innovative lighting system you’ve ever experienced.

Out of the Box

The first thing you’ll notice as you unpack your ELA bulbs is they don’t look scary! In fact, they look very similar to other lightbulbs you’ve owned. The bulbs are designed to work with a standard E26 base. This is the type of base found on nearly all lighting fixtures available. If you’ve ever bought a regular lightbulb before without thinking about it- your fixtures are good to go.

Getting Started

The first part is easy. Install your lightbulb and switch it on as you normally would. Simple, right? After switching on, allow 30 seconds to pass for the ELA Hub to start emitting its own Wi-Fi signal. Once this occurs, you will be able to find it in your phone’s Wi-Fi settings.

The Smart Hub’s network will be “ELA” followed by a series of numbers and/or letters.

Connecting The App

Open the ELA App on your phone. The ELA App is available for download like any other app. Simply search “ELA: Smart Lighting” and it will pop up. Download the app and install. When you open the app for the first time, instructions for further setup will be available to you.

From the app, you can control your lights, set-up rooms, pre-select moods, and more.

Bridging Your Wi-Fi

Once you have the app downloaded and you’ve connected to the ELA network, you’ll want to bridge your Wi-Fi. This way, you can control your lights from your phone will connected to your home network. If you’re like us, you’re automatically connected to your home network anyway!

To bridge your Wi-Fi, go to the ELA Setting in the ELA App. Select Wi-Fi settings. Select “Network Configuration.” A list of available Wi-Fi networks will be presented to you. Simply select yours and enter in your home network Wi-Fi password.

If successful, your ELA Smart Hub will flash for 30 seconds.

That’s it!

The Smart Hub Difference

The entire process outlined above should take less than 10 minutes. 5 if you’re a whiz on your phone! In no time at all, you’ll be well on your way to experiencing all the lighting, colour, mood, and motion that the ELA lighting system has to offer.

While smart lights may be intimidating, with the ELA Smart Hub they don’t have to be. We’ve endeavored to develop the most efficient system for setting up your lights and making them easy for anyone to use.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to jump on board the smart light bandwagon, ELA has the solutions for you without the intimidation.

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Posted by Jack Zhang on

Why The ELA Hub Provides More To Consumers

The ELA Hub is more than just a smart lighting solution for your home. It’s a gateway to smart home technology and a path to a smarter, more efficient, and ultimately entertaining lighting lifestyle. When it comes to smart tech, you have a lot of options to choose from. Here are a few reasons why the ELA Hub is more than meets the eye.


What Sets ELA Apart

More than a smart light, the ELA hub is the center of your smart lighting experience. The Smart Hub is the first smart light of its kind to feature a built-in wi-fi booster and range extender for your home network.

In addition, you can connect up to 80 ELA smart lights for extra versatility as well as convenience. Color brightness, temperature, and colour are all customizable as well and the colour pallet features a full range of colours to suit any need.


Wi-Fi Extender

We all have experienced the hardship of shoddy wi-fi. With the ELA Smart Hub, you can extend the range of your home wi-fi network while strengthening the signal. Not only does this help improve connectivity between the Hub and your connected devices; all devices on your network benefit from the extra juice.



From the ELA app, you can control the colour and intensity of your connected devices. Bulbs with colour capabilities can be set according to the desired colour and brightness. Help set the mood for a romantic evening, game night, and more.

A full range of colours is available. You also have the ability to customize colours based on your preferences. Create and save your settings so you can set the mood whenever the situation calls for it.


Home Assistant Integration

It’s a smart tech world and we’re all just living in it. With the ELA Smart Hub, you can easily integrate and control your devices from Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Using IFTTT applets you can perform a variety of tasks such as initiating light settings for specific events or times or making sure your lights turn off when you leave the house.


What The People Are Saying

It’s easy enough for us to tell you how the ELA Smart Hub is a game changer in the realm of smart lighting technology but let’s be honest: you’d expect us to say all of this. Let’s look instead to what real customers are saying across the world.

This is one of the best smart bulbs I have found, suits the needs of quite a few of my clients, and works well with Alexa,” – review

When compared to other color-changing bulbs, the value per dollar here is miles ahead “– review

When compared to other color-changing bulbs, the value per dollar here is miles ahead!” – review

“Easy to use! Easy to install!” – review

Bright enough to use as primary lighting; good quality color; app is easy to use”


Your First Choice in Smart Light Innovation

With numerous features for your home or office, the ELA Smart Hub is the next step in your smart home journey and the first choice in smart light innovation. Numerous advances are being made every day and more IFTTT applets are in the works.

When it comes to smart lighting, choose the ELA Hub and see why it’s the best choice you can make!

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Posted by Jack Zhang on

A Beginners Guide to IFTTT


In the world of IoT, there’s a lot to absorb. So much in fact that it may seem intimidating at first. True, there’s a lot to learn but often it isn’t as complicated as it seems. One area which seems confusing to many at first is the world of IFTTT, or “If This, Then That.”


What Is IFTTT?

“If This, Then That” is a free web service that helps to automate certain processes, especially as it pertains to other tasks. This is done through the use of Applets. Applets may sound like complex jargon, but really are just small applications (programs). In fact, when you hear “Applet,” you should be hearing “small, simple program.”

By using these Applets, you are able to use the IFTTT service to tie certain programs together and create conditions which dictate further actions. Lost yet? Relax. It’s simple!

By using certain “recipes” from IFTTT you can join devices, set conditions, and otherwise link specific actions. For example, let’s say you’d like to receive a notification whenever one of your contacts has a birthday, there’s an Applet for that. 

Want to receive a notification whenever the International Space Station flies over your house? There’s an app for that too. No pun intended, but the sky is the limit and there are 1,000’s of Applets to choose from and creating your own is easy as well.


How Does It Work?

What the Applet does is essentially create a set of conditions that, when met, trigger an action. The meaning is in the name IFFFT.

If THIS happens then THAT happens. For example, If the International Space Station flies overhead, then you get a notification. Notifications can come through email, text, or via the IFTTT app.



There are many IFTTT Applets to choose from as they pertain to your IoT devices. For example, you may want to set your smart thermostat to maintain a certain temperature once you’ve left the house. You may want to set your smart lights to a certain level when you approach the front door, etc.


There are many existing recipes that can accomplish this task and more are being added every day. If your devices are compatible, there’s an IFTTT recipe to be found or made.


Why Would I Use IFTTT?


Many smart devices have built-in notifications or allow for a certain level of customization. Why then, is IFTTT helpful? IFTTT bridges the gaps where proprietary services may fail as well as links separate services to one another.

Your smart washing machine may already send you a notification when the wash cycle is done. However, perhaps you’d like to be informed differently? Your smart washing machine probably can’t flash your smart lights to let you know the wash is ready to be put into the dryer. IFTTT is most useful in this way. When two programs or services are not otherwise joined, IFTTT can provide the bridge.

Want to automatically save all your Tweets? Create a saved copy of your emails in Google Drive? Now you can.


Getting Started With IFTTT

Getting started with IFTTT is as simple as signing up online and/or downloading their mobile app. This can be done by signing up with your Google or Facebook account, or even just an email address if you’re “old school.” From there you’ll be able to link services, create and browse recipes, and more. The system is user-friendly as well as intuitive.

Have fun creating your own recipes or browsing existing ones. IFTTT has an extensive list of partners which are constantly adding new recipes to the list. Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, Google, and more are all compatible with IFTTT. When creating or implementing your recipes, you will need to allow IFTTT to connect to certain accounts (Such as your Facebook account) if that’s when that recipe calls for. 

IFTTT sounds spooky, but it really isn’t! It’s a sleek, clean way to automate processes, set up cool combinations, and get the most out of your devices, subscriptions, and services. So, don’t be shy. Try a recipe today. IF you do, THEN we guarantee you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.


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Posted by Jack Zhang on

Light Timer

You know the drill.


It’s 7 AM. You’re startled out of a deep, peaceful slumber by the piercing sound of your alarm. You’re already annoyed (with your heart beating out of your chest) and now it’s time to get up, turn on the lights (which are somehow brighter than the sun) and fumble through the morning still half asleep. By the end of it, you’ve gone from feeling mildly irritated to fully enraged.


Don’t know the feeling? Well, here’s some simple math:


Obnoxious alarm + sight depriving light = very unhappy start to the day.




It goes without saying that mornings like those are no fun at all, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Maybe you can’t do anything about the early mornings themselves, but the experience can be transformed. I can tell you – cutting out all those unpleasant triggers in the first moments upon awakening can make all the difference between a drab morning and an energizing one. Imagine a morning without any distressing commotion, a morning that is highly anticipated and full of inspiration.



Does this seem achievable?

I can tell you that it is, and I have the solution for you.


The answer is ELA Smart Lighting – the most convenient tool for unlocking the type of morning that isn’t an oxymoron. It’s an automated lighting system where each bulb is connected to your phone via WiFi. All the controls are easily accessible through one device!


ELA presents you with a variety of customizable options, such as:

  • Choosing the brightness of morning lights (with millions of colors to choose from!)
  • Choosing when the lights turn on
  • Choosing when to get out of bed! ;)


With just a tap of your smartphone, mornings can be taken from disheartening to empowering. All those early morning nuisances are eradicated with one simple installation; resulting in a permanent and blissful beginning to each new day. 


All the lights are connected and controlled through your phone, making it easy to use and helpful at eliminating all that unnecessary early morning stress. Plus, it’s simple; If you can set the alarm on your phone, you can set the light timer in the ELA app. Now, it's just a matter of waking up to experience the ever elusive "good morning".

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