Boost Wifi

Once connected to your Home WiFi router,

Never fight over the internet again with the WiFi Boosting capabilities of ELA

Simply sign into the ELA Hubs WiFi signal and consider:

WiFi Deadspots, Gone

Lagging, Gone

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Easy Setup

Download ELA App

After screwing in the

ELA Smart Hub

Download the ELA App from

the Google Play or Apple App store

Select ELA WiFi

Select the


in the available

WiFi Network Menu

Add Lights

By selecting the three dots

in the top right corner

select "add lights"

from the drop down menu

Once all lights are found, tap continue.

Connects 80 Lights

No matter what size of home,

ELA has a stable system built for Smart Projects

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        The cherry on top is that it doesn’t just act as a hub for the ELA lights, but also as a Wi-Fi and ZigBee repeater. 

– Greggory Rice,
Writer for NewEgg

        The system is so simple to install. Simply replace your existing bulbs with the ELA Smart Hub and Smart Bulbs or Chroma Bulbs and you’re ready to go. 

– Marc Atyolil,
Co-Host of The Marc & Mandy Show, Editor-In-Chief of Canadian Home Trends Magazine.

        If you're into interior design or playing around with colour to enhance the mood or look of your home, the Chroma will be your go-to bulb. 

-Leonard Bond,
Write, Best Buy Plug In

        The ELA System is highly customizable, easy-to-install (just replace a light bulb), and comes equipped with unique features such as controllable color temperature and brightness and a mood set feature, so you can "set your lights to how you (and your guests) feel." 

-Zakiya Kassam,
Writer, Canadian Home Trends Magazine

Control Anywhere

Since the ELA Hub generates its own WiFi signal

You can control your lights even if you're off the grid

Plus, if the Hub is connected to your router

you can control the lights even if your on vacation

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Works With

Amazon Echo

"Hey Alexa, Turn off the lights"

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a powerful service

that can connect your ELA lights with the apps and devices you use every day.

Connect your ELA smart lights with apps such as Facebook, Nest & Fitbit.

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